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Finding yourself in need of Anna Maria Wheel Repairs? 

Discover Scottis 

Driving the wonderful roads of Anna Maria wheel repairs are often needed as a result….lol! The problem is, damaged alloy wheels can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance in addition to its appearance. Here at Anna Maria Wheel Repairs by Scottis, we are the first company to recognize the need for professional, high-quality, safe, off-the-car wheel repair.

For some time now, we have been providing wheel repairs for many of the prestige dealerships right here in Anna Maria, Bradenton, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Siesta Key, Osprey, Nokomis & Sarasota, and we now providing the same quality service to consumer vehicle owners as well.

We have a team of certified auto rim repair technicians with years of experience who take pride in insuring that your tire is properly repaired. If you have damaged the rims of your vehicle or tightened a bend more narrowly than intended, we will inspect and repair your wheel to ensure it meets manufacturer standards and prevent you from purchasing a new wheel. And don’t worry, we always ensure that your wheel will be straightened to a tolerance that is within the manufacturers’ specifications to keep you driving problem & worry free.

Anna Maria Wheel Repairs?  Discover Why Scotti’s is #1

When choosing a company to take care of your wheel repair needs, you want a company that will provide you with the best possible service at a fair price. Service has been a Scotti’s Specialty for 20 plus years, consisting of many hundreds of Satisfied Customers. You can rely on us for the finest service available.

So what do you do when you worry about your vehicle’s wheel?  You simply need to discover the benefits of the Sarasota & Manatee county’s #1 Company for……..

  • Anna Maria Wheel Repairs

  • Anna Maria Wheel Remanufacturing

  • Anna Maria Wheel Restoration

  • Anna Maria Wheel Refurbishing

  • Anna Maria Wheel Refinishing

  • Anna Maria Wheel Coloring

  • Anna Maria Wheel Straightening

  • Anna Maria Wheel Welding

  • Anna Maria Wheel Service

  • Anna Maria Wheel Care

  • Anna Maria Wheel Renovation

  • Anna Maria Wheel Reconstruction

  • and More……

Anna Maria Wheel Remanufacturing by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Our wheel welding service and wheel manufacturing service is for wheels that have small cracks on the wheel lip or the back barrel within the safety bead limit. If it passes our safety criteria, a certified wheel technician will first arrest the crack and then weld it so that the mended area is actually stronger.

Whether you live in Anna Maria, Ellenton, Venice, Osprey, Nokomis, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota or Bradenton Wheel Remanufacturing is the broad term used to restore a wheel to original condition. We work with naked wheels (wheels without tires) every day, therefore we are familiar with wheel structure. There are 3 main components making up a good wheel and its relationship to your vehicle.

When you bring your damaged wheel to Anna Maria Wheel Repairs by Scottis, we will examine each of these components, and come up with the best, safest, and most expedient and cost-effective way to deal with the issue. Give us a call at 941-539-1100.

Anna Maria Wheel Restoration by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Wheel Repairs by Scottis offers the #1 Anna Maria restoration service utilizing the latest and most advanced in-house equipment which allows us to do factory-quality alloy wheel refurbishment. Our technicians can repair your wheels to like-new condition for a mere fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our technicians can repair your wheels to like-new condition for a mere fraction of the cost of replacement. Today most car manufacturers build their vehicles with diamond-cut alloy wheels equipped. This is a wheel that has been produced using CNC (computer numerical control) industrial machine. These wheels are often subjected to poor road conditions leading to the need for wheel restoration over time. For those with fine autos who fine the need for Anna Maria wheel restoration, you cannot do better than Scotti’s!

Anna Maria Wheel Straightening by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Are you in need of wheel straightening services? We can straighten virtually any bent car or truck rim. Whether it’s a 15″ OEM or 24″ custom rim – no job is too small or too large. This includes steel, aluminum, and chrome rims. Come in and see us!

Wheels that require straightening can quickly ruin a set of tires, and the vibrations they cause can lead to damaged steering as well as a compromised suspension system. Even small bends in a wheel will wear out a tire before its time. A typical sign that wheel straightening is needed includes vibrations felt in the steering wheel when driving, particularly at faster speeds. Another frequent indication might be the tire that does not hold air and may be leaking due to wheel damage.

Our game-changing wheel straightening technology relieves the strain at the bend site and gently massages the metal back into shape. Wheels precisely straightened with our process are safe enough to pass every performance test required by the SAE for brand new wheels.

Anna Maria Wheel Refinishing by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Curbs, road debris, and other hazards cause scratches and scrapes to the wheel face and lip. It’s a common sight on wheels of all types. It is unattractive and if left unrepaired, it can lead to corrosion and wheel degradation. Anna Maria Wheel Repairs by Scotti’s provides complete, off-the-car wheel refinishing to alloy wheels that are scratched, scraped, or have peeling paint. Wheels are removed from the vehicle, cleaned, repaired, primed, painted, and clear coated utilizing patented paint adhesion technology. OEM-approved paint is color-matched to every wheel before repair. All repairs come with a lifetime warranty against paint peeling.

Looking to restore your wheels to the shine they originally had? Or perhaps you want to create the look of a brand new wheel using the same old wheel?  Anna Maria Wheel Repairs by Scotti’s can help restore your wheels to their factory condition or create a customized look to fit your style.

Get your wheels looking sleek and glossy again with our high-end wheel refinishing services.

Anna Maria Wheel Refurbishing by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Wheels can take a beating, especially considering the condition of the roads here in Southwest Florida.  Instead of buying new steel wheels, have them refurbished and painted in the color of your choice. If you have aluminum wheels, our aluminum wheel polishing system can make your old wheels shine like new. Our wheel refurbishing service also certainly helps to improve your vehicle’s image and reduce potential downtime while also saving you hard-earned dollars.

We take care of wheel refurbishment and wheel services in the Greater Anna Maria area for both commercial and residential clients. We use only sophisticated refinishing, polishing, and touch-up equipment for every service.

Don’t let corrosion or rim dents kill your car or commercial wheels before their time. We remove undesirable elements that look bad and cause damage over time.  Don’t wait… proactive and call us at (941) 539-1100.

Anna Maria Wheel Coloring by Scotti’s Wheel Works

Many people enjoy having their wheels resprayed to add that ‘wow’ factor to their car or to simply revive the car without any extreme modifications. Probably the #1 reason people upgrade to Wheel Coloring is for the look and appeal. Custom wheels set your vehicle apart from everybody else, even if they have the same make and model of vehicle. In addition, painted wheels make your vehicle more visually attractive to prospective buyers and upgrades the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell.

With your choice of our OEM Matching wheel paints, our custom coloring service consists of cleaning and prepping your wheels, painting, and clear coating to protect your new wheel finish. Multiple color options are available including flat black, gloss black, gunmetal, vehicle color matching, colored wheel pockets, and more! Let your wheels looking sleek and glossy again with our high-end wheel refinishing services.

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