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Sarasota Wheel Coloring

Are you looking to stylize your vehicle and add value?

Many people enjoy having their wheels resprayed to add that ‘wow’ factor to their car or to simply revive the car without any extreme modifications. Probably the #1 reason people upgrade to Wheel Coloring is for the look and appeal. Custom wheels set your vehicle apart from everybody else, even if they have the same make and model of vehicle. In addition, painted wheels make your vehicle more visually attractive to prospective buyers and upgrades the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell.

We offer permanent wheel painting as a standalone service for achieving a full makeover look in conjunction with your vehicle color scheme. Car wheel painting involves respraying or painting the existing wheels of your car with any custom color or shade you desire. . Whether they are black, silver, or another color, most alloy wheels are painted, a finish that consists first of a primer sprayed onto prepared bare metal, followed by an automotive-style paint and a protective clear coat that seals the wheel and finish against water and air that can cause corrosion.

Sarasota Wheel Coloringby Sarasota Wheel Coloring by Scottis - Color Samples

Style and Color Options

Years ago, painted wheels came in various shades of silver, with an occasional set of white, red, or black, spotted on the road exclusively on show cars. However, nowadays there are almost unlimited exciting new types and colors of paint, from anthracite and gun-metal gray to flat black and bright white. Some owners like to have their wheels painted the exact same color as their car, while others like a contrast between the two. Both can be used to enhance the overall look of the vehicle. Some wheels are given the “full-face paint” treatment, in which the entire wheel is painted. Other customers opt to get a “flange cut,” (in which the outer edge of the wheel is left as originally machined).

How Wheels Are Painted

Often, new car owners want to put their own mark on it and make it stand out. Wheel Coloring personalizes your vehicle and is one of the best ways to accomplish that!

Alloy wheel coloring is achieved by painting the wheel in much the same way the body of a car is painted. First, primer is applied, then the paint, using a high-velocity, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun. Priming, painting, and clear-coating must all take place in a substantially dust-free environment, or the resulting finish will be speckled with dust particles. Once the paint dries, the wheels are sprayed with a liquid clear coat baked onto the wheel for a finish that is tougher than the original alloy.

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