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The Benefits of Wheel Refurbishing

Wheels can take a beating, especially considering the condition of the roads here in Southwest Florida.  Instead of buying new steel wheels, have them refurbished and painted in the color of your choice. If you have aluminum wheels, our aluminum wheel polishing system can make your old wheels shine like new. Our wheel refurbishing service also certainly helps to improve your vehicle’s image and reduce potential downtime while also saving you hard-earned dollars.

Don’t let corrosion or rim dents kill your car or commercial wheels before their time. We remove undesirable elements that look bad and cause damage over time. 

When rust and other debris appear on your wheels, you should be proactive. Keep up on wheel maintenance, as rust and dirt can hide defects and actually put your drivers at risk. Refurbishing and polishing services are affordable, and a great way to feel good on the road.

Not only do recently refurbished wheels look great, but they provide an added safety benefit. Refurbished wheels highlight any damaged areas as soon as it occurs, so you don’t end up with any surprises!

Sarasota Wheel Refurbishing

We specialize in keeping your wheels looking great and your car driving smoothly. We take care of wheel refurbishment and wheel services in the Sarasota – Bradenton, FL area for both commercial and residential clients. From providing OEM-level refurbishing for dealership vehicles, to fixing the bent rim on your car or motorcycle, we provide the most comprehensive wheel services around. And once your wheel is completely refurbished, we then follow up with sophisticated refinishing, polishing, and touch-up equipment to showcase your newly refurbished wheels.

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