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Wheel Remanufacturing is the broad term used to restore a wheel to original condition.  In order to better understand Scottis treatment of a Sarasota Wheel remanufacturing process, it’s imperative to understand the basic components of wheel.

We work with naked wheels (wheels without tires) every day, therefore we are familiar with wheel structure. There are 3 main components making up a good wheel and its relationship to your vehicle.


The exterior of a 3-piece wheel, the dish is the portion of the wheel that sits beyond the spokes. In contrast, a “deep-dish” wheel spoke sits below the outer lip and is mainly for aesthetic purposes. The deeper the dish, the more susceptible the wheel face is to damage from impacts. The wheel can become bent on the outer edge or crunch the dish against a spoke which would cause it to crack. This kind of crack is difficult to repair to an adequate level because there is likely to be a loss of some of its original strength and integrity.


Wheel spokes are located between the plate and outer wheel edge. Spokes support the wheel’s edge and help it to resist impacts. Cosmetically, spokes vary greatly in appearance – from the typical 5-spoke pattern to more exotic or minimalist designs, and some even more unusual wheel concepts. These designs are responsible for its resistance to damage, so not only is appearance important, the material integrity is equally so. In certain cases, a welding repair could possibly make the wheel a detriment to safety and performance.  We know the difference and will advise you of the level of work your own damaged wheel is facing.

Bolt Circle

The circle design that the wheel lug bolts appear is called the bolt circle. The Bolt Circle Diameter, ( AKA BCD), plus the number of bolts used makes up the “bolt pattern”. For instance, 5 lug bolts at a 5.25-inch BCD can be described as a 5×5.25” bolt pattern. Bolt patterns vary between auto manufacturers, model types and years. For instance, many BMW wheels are 5x120mm. On the other hand, most Mercedes wheels are 5x112mm bolt pattern. This is why it is typically impossible to cross-mingle wheels between other car brand and models. There is a lot to wheels and rims that the lay person is completely oblivious to. Behind the visible cosmetic face (outer facing wheel surface) there are many important components making up a good wheel and its relationship to your vehicle.

When you bring your damaged wheel to Sarasota Wheel Repairs by Scottis, we will examine each of these components, and come up with the best, safest, and the most expedient and cost effective way to deal with the issue.  Give us a call at 941-539-1100.

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