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Sarasota Wheel Straightening

Are you in need of wheel straightening services? We can straighten virtually any bent car or truck rim. Whether it’s a 15″ OEM or 24″ custom rim – no job is too small or too large. This includes steel, aluminum, and chrome rims. Come in and see us!

Wheels that require straightening can quickly ruin a set of tires, and the vibrations they cause can lead to damaged steering as well as a compromised suspension system. Even small bends in a wheel will wear out a tire before its time. A typical sign that wheel straightening is needed includes vibrations felt in the steering wheel when driving, particularly at faster speeds. Another frequent indication might be the tire that does not hold air, and may be leaking due to wheel damage

A poorly performed wheel straightening repair job can lead to irreparably damaged wheels, but at Sarasota Wheel Repairs by Scottis, our wheel straightening services include safe and effective methods which allow us to restore bent wheels back into proper form. We make sure that the wheel is round, holds air when remounted to the tire, and is in correct balance.

Our game-changing wheel straightening technology relieves the strain at the bend site and gently massages the metal back into shape. Wheels precisely straightened with our process are safe enough to pass every performance test required by the SAE for brand new wheels.

Sarasota Wheel Straightening by Scottis Wheel Repairs

Our wheel straightening process gets the job done right. Each rim is first inspected with a highly sensitive measuring instrument to determine the exact location and severity of the bend. The damaged area is then brought back to the original manufacturers’ specifications by using our specialized wheel straightening machinery.

In many cases, our experts can quickly restore bent wheels to factory condition with same-day services.

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